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Ghost Hunting Equipment – The Start

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As ghost hunting is becoming more and more popular there has been an increase in the demand for ghost hunting equipment and the more high tech the better it would seem.

However, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to become a Ghost Hunter and in this blog and others to come, we are going to let you know about a few things that are either FREE or don’t cost a fortune.

Lets us look at the thing we have in our hands on a daily basis our Mobile Phones. Whether it be an iPhone (ios) or Android they usually have very similar features.

MOBILE PHONES – Ghost Hunting Equipment

The first couple of features are FREE when you own a phone so let us look at them:

1) Camera – All modern-day mobile phones have cameras, some better than others, but they are great for quickly taking a still photo or a video. Ghost hunters from around the globe have caught amazing footage using their phone cameras.

2) Memo (Voice) Recorders – We were asked a few days ago, after sharing an EVP captured at an Eventful Ghost Hunt at the “Abandoned’ Park Hotel in Morecambe, if we could recommend an EVP recorder or word generator. Well, again, all mobile phones have a built-in function to record voices and if you’re lucky maybe the capture of an EVP.

So before you rush out and start purchasing, what can be, expensive high tech equipment try using what most of you will always earn and it is a great tool for Ghost Hunting.

‘Ghost Hunting Apps’

Keeping on the theme of Mobile phones there is another competitive market that is hard to keep track of and that is the Apps Market. We have used a few apps but there is only one we would recommend. We have also asked customers during our Ghost Hunting events which they use so we are able to suggest an app for iOS and Android.

iOS – Apps

Ghost Hunter M2 – From creator Michael Weber This was the first app we had some amazing experiences with and we still use it alongside Michaels new app

Ghost Science is the new improved version of Ghost Hunter M2 and is far superior to any other app we have used. If you have an iPhone these are the apps for you. However, we suggest that you always put your phone in ‘Flight mode’ to enhance your experiences’.

Android – Apps

The Portal comes recommended to us by some of our customers. We have not had any experiences with this App but, they have stated that they have had great evidence for it. This one is for Android only.

There are many other applications for ghost hunting available and I am sure they are great in their own way but from our point of view, you will not go wrong with the above suggestions. You can, however, create an account and comment on this blog with your own suggestions.

Seems a great place to close this blog we have given you some information that will allow you to Ghost Hunt if you can’t afford to buy some of the equipment or if you forget to take your equipment with you or maybe you are new to ghost hunting.

In the next blog, we will discuss free and cost-effective traditional methods for you to communicate with the other side.

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