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Terms and conditions


By booking a Ghost Hunting event with iHaunt all attendees have agreed to these terms and conditions of sale.

  1. Should you wish to discuss any part of these terms with us please contact iHaunt via the contact us page.
  2. The minimum age for participants to attend alone for any iHaunt Ghost Hunt or Ghost Hunting Event is 18 years old. Additionally, we may allow a minimum age of 16 years of age if accompanied by a respectable adult. Please ask to make sure this is possible on the event you are interested in.
  3. Some locations, due to factors beyond our control, may not be suitable for disabled access or women who are heavily pregnant. Please contact us should have any concerns about the venue you are selecting.
  4. If you or any guests should arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will be removed from the premises immediately. No refunds will be given.
  5. All our locations are Non-smoking iHaunt schedule convenience breaks where an area outside will be allocated for smokers in attendance.
  6. iHaunt allow the exploration of all venues in your groups. For health and safety reason it is essential you stay with your group unless advised by a member of the iHaunt team.
  7. iHaunt will not be made liable for any loss or damage to luggage, clothing, equipment, vehicles and effects belonging to the participants before, during and after the event.
  8. While you are attending the location, this will be at your own risk we accept no liability for any death, accident or injury to yourselves, however, caused. If in doubt, please seek your own insurance for such events.
  9. iHaunt is for entertainment purposes only. iHaunt team members are acting as guides at venues and as such their opinion are their own. We are here to offer you an evening for which you are responsible for making your own decision as to what is Paranormal or not.
  10. Please note that all stories about the location are not fabricated and have been taken from, where possible, historic documentation or eyewitness statements. The iHaunt team have on occasion witnessed and recorded paranormal activity in various locations these can be viewed on our active social media accounts.
  11. As with all events of this nature, no activity is guaranteed. We have selected, what we feel, to be the most active locations but some night the spirits just do not want to play.
  12. It goes without saying iHaunt request that you be respectful to the spirit world and to other guests involved in the event. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the night please be mindful that views may differ but should in no way ruin the night for one another. You and your party will also act in a sensible manner and will not cause harm or injury to anyone else, staff member or the property etc. Any behaviour, aggressive, rude, intimidating, threatening, unruly and unreasonable towards any member of the iHaunt Staff and/or Guests attending any event will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. (no refunds will be made)
  13. Unlike other event companies, iHaunt understand that you will want to take Photographs and Recordings for your own use. Out of respect, we ask that you, do not post any photos or videos on social media as some venues still have current history attached to them and could be seen by living descendants.
  14. All prices are subject to change without notice. This will not affect purchase already made before a price increase/decrease and no refunds or additional charges will be made to those bookings.
  15. Discount/promotion codes are time limited and are to be used against a pay in full purchase only. Discount/promotion codes cannot be used for deposits or pay balance payments. If you miss the time limited discount/promotion code iHaunt will not be able to reinstate the code. To benefit from one of our discount/promotion codes please subscribe to our newsletter.
  16. All deposits, bookings and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  17. You agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that you can make the event that you have booked.
  18. If for any reason you are unable to attend the event you have booked on, please contact us at your earliest convenience.
  19. We will do everything possible to make sure all events take place. If for any reason iHaunt have to cancel your event we will contact, you to discuss your options. This will usually be a a transfer to a different location/date of your choosing.
  20. iHaunt reserve the right to postpone any event under the guidance of the Government and The World Health Organisation concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or any other global emergencies. If an event with iHaunt has to be postponed, we will offer you a credit to your account or the opportunity to join us on a future date. iHaunt will work with you to ensure that a convenient date of your choice is offered to you for when the event(s) can resume or a credit on your booking account to use for other iHuant events.
  21. Should on the rare occasion you and your party have a complaint about any part of the event. Please contact us within 24 hours and we will ensure that we remedy the matter to your satisfaction.
  22. By booking through the iHaunt Website or by Telephone means you and your party agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  23. Any personal data relating to you gathered by iHaunt during the booking process or during our events will be recorded and only be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  24. By accepting and agreeing to these Terms you and your party are further indemnifying that iHaunt, iHauntUK and iHaunt staff from and against all legal liability in respect of any claims, damages, costs, penalties, actions, demands, proceedings, any kind of legal suits, losses or expenses amounted in respect of or arising out of the injury to or the death of any person, or persons, or damage to any property arising from the client’s participation and involvement in the event or activity or premises pertaining to the event.