Haunted Dolls – Day 2, 3 and 4

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The Park Hotel

Firstly, sorry about the delay with this update about our Haunted Dolls Experience.

As many of you know, not only are we investigating these doll hauntings, we are also a Ghost Hunting Events Company. As such we have been a little preoccupied with upcoming events, new haunted locations and today we will be at The Park Hotel in Morecambe for a Ghost Hunt with a National Newspaper.

So, here is the update you have all been waiting for

Day 2. (Tuesday)

Day 1 gave us exciting readings on the K2 and the Ghost Science app. So, we were excited for the unboxing to take place and see what else was going to present itself during this investigation.

The K2 gave us no readings upon removing ‘Lara’ and ‘Waverley’ from the box. We also had set up our full CCTV system to catch any anomalies that may not have been visible to the naked eye. We have still to check this footage, and as soon as we do, if we have anything unexplained, we will let you all know.

The Ghost Science app was calm that night also, and any words that came through were very ‘Random’ nothing quite like the first night.

However, we do have two dogs and, we all know pets have a better sense for all things paranormal than we do. Their behaviour around the dolls was fascinating.

Waverley – Our dogs seemed to like Waverley would lay, sniff and interact with her. They took to her quite well.

Lara – Their behaviour with Lara was utterly different and not their normal behaviour we know our dogs to have. Whoever was holding Lara, our dogs would move to and snuggle well into the person without her. They would not approach the doll and tried to avoid her where possible. During the night, it even got to the point where they wouldn’t look at the doll despite holding her up for them to see her. At one point, one of our dogs was looking past me holding the doll as if she was looking at someone standing behind me. There was no one there.

So with that, we reboxed them, and our night investigation ended.

Day 3 (Wednesday)

There were no further investigations to report as we have been preparing for Thursdays ghost hunt.

Day 4 (Thursday)

Not an update as such, but we will be taking ‘Lara’ and ‘Waverley’ on a trip to the Park Hotel – Morecambe to see if a haunted property will make them interact more. Stay tuned for that update.

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