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Negative, Mysterious, Demonic Spiritual Imposter Vessel.

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Lara Haunted Doll

When you see this sort of description advertising a haunted doll, it does set your mind wandering. Then there are many questions you have to ask yourself;

Can a doll be haunted? Can other objects have attachments? If yes, why do spirits attach themselves to these particular items? with all these questions and more we have decided to delve into the phenomenon of these haunted objects and, we have purchased two ‘haunted’ dolls.

Waverly is a “Nasty piece of work”

While we wait for them to arrive, we have decided to set up this blog to show you our progress with them, and what our thoughts on spirits haunting dolls and other objects are.

So, first off, I guess we should introduce you to our two new team members (we’re calling them) We don’t want to tell you too much about our new team members, as we want to investigate as much as we can when they arrive. However, below is a little bit about each doll.

Waverley was originally purchased as a ‘Positive’ Doll by her current owner, but, soon found out she was wrong. Waverley is said to be a ‘Nasty piece of work and has since been locked away, in a blessed cabinet, from harm’s way.

Halloween Attraction!

Lara was originally purchased for a Halloween attraction in Leeds and was passed on to her current owner. It is believed by a few that Lara is a ‘Vessel Imposter’ in other words, the spirit is able to take on many forms to entice the owners into a false sense of security. The name Lara was given after an active Ouija Board session, but the current owner believes this is a cloaking name given by the spirit and feels there is a more sinister name attached.

I know what you’re thinking at this point in the blog,

Why a negative attachment?

Well, why not? If it is possible for spirits to attach themselves to dolls, and other items, I want to see and document evidence as best as I can. I also believe if you live in a Positive environment and you were to buy a supposed ‘positive’ haunted doll your day to day wouldn’t change.

Lara - Negative, Mysterious, Demonic Spiritual Imposter Vessel
Lara – Negative, Mysterious, Demonic Spiritual Imposter Vessel


So until they arrive, that’s all for now.

After which, I will be updating this blog regularly from the day they arrive to share with you all my thoughts and experiences by having these dolls in my home. I will also be doing live feeds on Facebook and Instagram, so if, you haven’t already please make sure you are following us on there.

Negative and Demonic!

If you would like to welcome a doll into your home either ‘Negative’ or ‘Positive’ I would recommend this eBay store;

I have spoken, at length with Winne and she is a lovely lady please treat her with respect as you should with anyone in the Paranormal field and respect their beliefs.

If you have or plan on buying any, haunted doll or object then please feel free to contribute to this blog and share your stories and experiences.

If buying haunted dolls or other objects is not your thing, then we can recommend The Haunted Antique Paranormal Research Centre in Hinckley. They are very passionate about researching the possible attachment of spirits to object. If you haven’t already, you should visit their museum or give them a like on Facebook and join in with their live Ghost Hunting experiments.

I will be back upon their arrival and as always, thank you for your continued support.


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