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Ghost Hunting | Traditional Methods

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iHaunt Ouija Board

Ghost Hunting the ‘Traditional Way’

Hello and thank you for coming onboard to read our new Blog before we progress any further, from our last blog I realised I missed out on an app that we use and we should tell you about.iHaunt Ouija Board

It’s a photography app that’s used on ‘Ghost Adventures’ and has been explicitly designed for ghost hunters and ghost hunting alike.

It’s called MagCam and it’s created by Digital Dowsing below is the link to give you the details about what the app can do for you, and also the link to the app store download.

Now that is out the way, in the previous blog we discussed using your mobile phones during a paranormal investigation and what feature your smartphone already have to help with your ghost hunting.

We also suggested applications for you to download and try. Since then, we have had great feedback from people who have read our blog and downloaded the applications for their ghost hunts.

In this ghost hunters blog, we will be listing methods to conduct ghost hunting in a more traditional fashion and that has been used for years to attempt communication with anything paranormal.

So let’s begin!

Ouija Board(s) – These have such a bad reputation thanks to Hollywood movies, but they can be quite an effective way to communicate with the other side. They are still very much readily available online, or you could make your own. You don’t need anything expensive a whiteboard with letters on would suffice, or if you’re really on a budget, nothing beats a piece of paper.

Ouija Board As ‘Traditional’ as it gets

Coincidentally during our last Ghost Hunting Event at The ‘Abandoned’ Park Hotel, this is what exactly happened, and the evidence we gained was fascinating. All the team and our customers were overwhelmed with the session in the cellar.

Ghost Dice – These are of interest to iHaunt and used with some impressive results. As with the Ouija you invite whoever is present to manipulate the dice as you roll them to spell out names, words, places etc.

You can purchase a set from us here. (Please note there may be a slight delay as these are, made to order.)

Here’s looking at you!

Scrying – For this, you will require a Mirror, some suggest using a Black Mirror, but it can be, done with any mirror or window for that matter. We have not had too much experience with this, but you are going to stare at yourself and invite the ghosts or spirits to manipulate your reflection into their current vision . . . should they have one!

I suppose the bottom line of this blog is that whichever traditional method you choose there is always the risk of human contamination and should be conducted with people in the same mindset as yourself. During our Ghost Hunting Events, we use many of the above but always remain sceptical.

Next Blog . . . We will start looking at types of equipment from budget to high-end. In the meantime if there is anything you would like to suggest to us for a blog, please feel free, we love to hear from you.

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