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iHaunt VIP Ghost Hunter

£20.00 for 1 year

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We are pleased to be able to offer the iHaunt VIP Ghost Hunter Membership.

There is a small membership fee of just £20.00 per year per person to join.

This can be earned back quickly by booking events with iHaunt, but the additional benefits of the membership make it a desirable offer to all hardened paranormal investigators.

Simply add this item to your basket and create an account. Each person must sign up individually.

When you become an iHaunt VIP Ghost Hunter, you will automatically qualify for the following:

Receive special ViP priced tickets for each event listed on our website.

Earn 1 point for every 1 pound you spend. Collect 200 points and get an iHaunt voucher for £20.00 free.

Early access to the venues this will usually be at the same time as iHaunt enter the building if the location permits this. Generally, up to 1 hour before the event begins.

At least one exclusive iHaunt VIP Ghost Hunters members-only event per year at a selected location at a fraction of the usual cost.

Membership to our new exclusive iHaunt VIP Ghost Hunters Only Facebook page where you can comment, discuss and share your experiences, photos and EVP’s with like-minded iHaunt VIP Ghost Hunters.

An annual Birthday iHaunt Gift Voucher for £15.00.

Last-minute discounted tickets for undersold events at up to 50% off.  Typically up to 7 days notice.

If you would like to become an iHaunt VIP Ghost Hunter, then please do so through our website or email your details as specified above to and we will send you an invoice followed by your membership details once the invoice is paid.

PLEASE NOTE: Your VIP membership will usually be activated within 1 hour but could take 24 hours.

Your new VIP membership will renew automatically on the year anniversary and every year until you cancel your subscription. Upon cancelling your VIP membership you will lose all the above-mentioned benefits.

Additional Terms:

By signing up to become an iHaunt VIP Ghost Hunter you agree to us holding your details on file. Under no circumstances will the details be copied, sold or used for any other purpose than that required for the VIP membership. You can request to have your details removed from our database at any time, but you will no longer receive any updates or special offers or benefits of the membership


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