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iHaunt – Octolively Digital Motion Sensor


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As Seen on Paranormal Lockdown UK. (these sensors were NOT designed for ghost detection but they work pretty well for detecting changes in locations that are reported to be haunted)

LED Colour: Warm White

Octolively modules are tileable, digital interactive LED surfaces filled with ultrabright LEDs that respond in complex and gentle ways to stimulus provided by human interaction. These sensors will come fully assembled and tested, ready to use. Each Octolively sensor is 4 × 8 inches (10.16 × 20.32 cm) in size and features eight large (10 mm) ultrabright LEDs, spaced along a two-inch grid. Each Octolively sensor also has eight infrared proximity sensors— one for every LED —to detect nearby motion, even in total darkness. The sensors can be tiled edge-to-edge, seamlessly, in any size or shape of a rectangular array. You can make a long strip as narrow as 4 or 8 inches wide. Octolively sensors come pre-programmed with eight different effects that respond to motion and gradually fade back to idle when there is no motion. You can switch between the different results with a button press: Gently fading trails after your movement, a “heat” mode that gets brighter as it detects more motion, simple positive and negative “shadow” effects that light the LEDs— or darken them —wherever you touch, ripple, sparkle, and a “melting” mode where activated pixels fade only very slowly. An onboard microcontroller and functions control each Octolively sensor as a self-contained, stand-alone device. You do need to provide power (5 V DC), but no central computer nor complex communication wiring is necessary. Because it’s self-contained, there is no trade-off between array size and performance. Sensor range
Octolively sensor uses a combination of active and passive near-infrared sensing to detect motion. A sensing range of 10-15 cm is typical in a completely dark room, or in a room lit by fluorescent lighting, where the only infrared sources are the ones built into the sensors. However, in the presence of infrared light sources such as IR LEDs, incandescent lamps, or sunlight, Octolively sensors can respond to changes in light and shadow with virtually unlimited range.

Power consumption: An Octolively sensor, at its very brightest, requires just 1 W of power (200 mA at 5 V). When no motion is detected, and the LEDs are off, the power consumption is about one-quarter of that, as it does take a small amount of current to operate the sensors. Power supplies and connectionsOctolively sensor require you to provide a regulated 5 V DC power supply to operate. The power supply should have the capacity of at least 200 mA per sensor. (Please note that the preassembled version of Octolively does not feature an onboard power switch.)For small installations of up to 5 sensors, we recommend powering Octolively modules with a 5 V, 1 A power supply; order one power supply for every five sensors. For up to 15 sensors (or larger arrays powered in groups of 15), you can use a 5 V, 3 A power supply. These types of power supplies plug into the included 2.5 x 5.5 mm barrel jack on the bottom of one of the sensor, and can share the power to four other sensors through the Octolively’s board-edge connectors. The power jack and board-edge connectors can pass up 4 A of current, so larger regulated 5 V power supplies (available elsewhere) can be used to power groups of up to 20 modules, sharing power through their edge connectors.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not supply an adapter but one can be found here:

Important Notice:

These modules were NOT designed for ghost detection but they work pretty well for detecting changes in locations that are reported to be haunted.

These modules are similar to what was used on Paranormal Lockdown UK we are not stating these are exactly same and some other variant may have been used during the filming of the series.


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