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Ghost Hunt | The Park Hotel Morecambe | Saturday 11th March 2023

Event Date:

March 11, 2023

Event Time:

9:00 pm

The Park Hotel

We are delighted to be able to bring back The Park Hotel in Morecambe this coming March and now with an optional to sleepover and stay in one of the rooms. Now includeds a late night supper.

Dare to join iHaunt during an evening Lockdown a the ‘Abandoned’ Park Hotel? Will you experience what many others have experienced during past visits? Now is your time to uncover more of what this grand building has been hiding away for many years. Discover who haunts The ‘Abandoned’ Park Hotel before it’s too late.

Your Ghost Hunting evening will begin at 9 pm and continue until the early hours of the following morning, usually, 3 am.


The ‘Abandoned’ Park Hotel which dates back to the Victorian era has now been left abandoned for the past number of years. With an extensive number of floors to investigate which include 2 floors of bedrooms, some still with furnishings from when it was a running hotel and some stripped right back to its bare furnishings, library, ballroom, several cellar rooms, servants kitchen and quarters, isolated corridors and hidden staircases. The hotel also has an impressive observatory right at the top of the dome of the building giving you a vast sight of the surrounding area.

During the 1800s, the newly constructed railway system finally connected some Yorkshire towns. With that came the growth of the surrounding villages which inevitably merged in order to create Morecambe in the late 1800s.

When the building was being designed grandeur was in mind and thus The ‘Abandoned’ Park Hotel which stands today represents the ideas the designers had for the building. The hotel consists of stunning spacious reception rooms, a ballroom and an amazing observatory at the highest point of the hotel. Although the hotel has now clearly seen better days with the decline of tourism in the areas, this stunning and grand building still stands tall within Morecambe.


There have been many unexplained events that have occurred during investigations at this unique venue. Being pushed down the stairs, creepy figures being sat in the windows and in the notorious library, whispering in your ear and the fear when grunt and growls are heard in the top floor of the building.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event FAQs

What to expect.

- Work in small and personal groups - Take part in activities such as glass divination, ouija boards and table tipping, seance's, spirit dice and much more - Full use of our ghost hunting equipment such as EMF devices, EVP recorders and Spirit Boxes - The chance to conduct a lone vigil for the very brave - Hot and cold drinks and light refreshments available throughout the night are included in the cost. - A friendly and experienced team of Investigators. - Qualified first aider present on a fully insured event. - Access to all areas of the building that are made available to us.

What should I bring?

This venue can be cold during the Autumn/Winter months so please ensure you wrap up warm. You can bring your own ghost hunting equipment with you to use during your alone time. It is essential that all guests bring a torch. During the lockdown, all the lights are turned off and some areas are pitch black.

Venue details.

The Park Hotel has a car park this is situated towards the rear of the property located on Balmoral Road. Address; The Park Hotel 91 Regent Road Morecambe LA3 1AF

By: iHaunt

  • The Park Hotel
  • 91 Regent Road
  • Morecambe
  • LA3 1AF

Event Schedule Details

  • March 11, 2023 9:00 pm
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